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Welcome ...

Welcome ...


How nice of you to drop by! My name is Paul van Vlodrop (1955). Since the mid-1970s, I’ve been working as a session musician, multi instrumentalist, and music teacher. Other roles I play in life, albeit slightly less relevant here: teacher of NT2 (Dutch as a second language), father of 3 daughters, and grandfather of twin boys.


Since the mid-1970s, I’ve been playing bluegrass and related acoustic music styles on various instruments and I offer lessons on all of these.


You can find my past experiences on the biography and discography pages of this website. But that was then. Let’s talk about the now



My current musical projects are:


Teaching: I teach mandolin, 5-string banjo, guitar, and ukulele in my home in Amsterdam.


Workshops: I offer ukulele workshops to groups (companies, schools etc).  


Band coaching: I offer feedback to novice (bluegrass) groups on singing and playing together.



Session musician: I can be hired as a studio musician, stand-in or guest performer.


For more information fill out this form or give me a call: +31 (0)6 228 242 51.